COLLOQUIUM to mark the retirement of Prof. Jacek Krełowski
This is a one-day colloquium on different topics related to Interstellar Medium that he worked on during his active scientific career. Ample of time will be available for informal discussions and personal anecdotes.

The Colloquium will be held in Hotel Gromada in Toruń (Żeglarska 10/14) for full-day time (09:15-18:00) on Friday, June 17 th , 2016 (below see the maps and the program). This hotel also offers accommodation. Reservations should be made by the participants themselves. However, we are happy to offer assistance if needed (please contact ). There are also nearby hotels, for which reservation can be made online, e.g. through The Student Dormitory is another more economical accommodation, see DS 6 (in Polish).

Please inform us by sending e-mail to about your schedule, so we will try to meet you at the railway station in Toruń. In case of problems please call +48 502 107 103 (Ryszard) or +48 606 900 573 (Jacek)

Detailed program is available in PDF file

See you in Toruń!

On behalf of the Organizers: Ryszard Szczerba (CAMK) and Michał Hanasz (CA UMK)

Contact persons: Ryszard Szczerba (

How to get there


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