The Toruń catalogue of Galactic post-AGB and related objects
R. Szczerba1, N. Siódmiak1, G. Stasińska2, J. Borkowski1, P. García-Lario3, O. Suárez4,5, M. Hajduk1, D.A. García-Hernández6
1 Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, ul. Rabiańska 8, 87-100 Toruń, Poland
2 LUTH, Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, Université Paris Diderot; Place Jules Janssen 92190 Meudon, France
3 Herschel Science Center, European Space Astronomy Centre, Villafranca del Castillo, 28080 Madrid, Spain
4 UMR 6525 H.Fizeau, Univ. Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS, OCA. Parc Valrose, F-06108 Nice cedex 02, France
5 Laboratorio de Astrofísica Espacial y Física Fundamental, INTA, Apartado 50727, 28080 Madrid, Spain
6 Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, C./Vía Láctea, s/n, E-38200 La Laguna, Spain
Version: 13 Mar 2010
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Please enter the (partial) name of an object (without the HD, SAO, etc prefix) in any of the supported catalogues or a variable star name or object classification. Space character is important and matches single space character in the database. Dot (.) matches any single character (as in regex). Examples : Sgr - will display all objects in Sagittarius region; 123 - will display all objects for which at least one of their names (in any of the catalogues) contains substring '123'; . (single dot) - will display all objects from all catalogues; empty field - will display all objects classified as very likely post-AGB.
Catalogue update policy
We plan to follow the literature and take into account suggestions from other researches in order to update the catalogue. The log file contains full info about the changes.
Authors of papers on post-AGB and related objects are invited to send their papers directly to However, it will be our responsibility to include new objects in the catalogue, following the precepts given in the official reference.
Exporting data
Data can be exported by clicking on the "Export" button in the top level menu (on the following pages). One then needs to select the desired format for the exported table. Currently supported are :
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